Welcome to Nicole Agaronnik’s page!

Click the tabs to explore the different aspects of her dance career, experience with wheelchair ballroom dance, and disability advocacy.

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  1. Nicole is not only a professional dancer in every sense of the word, but she is an incredible human being as well! Nicole is kind, empathetic, smart, beautiful, inquisitive, patient, humble, experienced, a great listener, and even has the ability to make her fellow dancers feel at ease in her presence!! I took the American Dance Wheels Foundations Wheelchair Ballroom Wheel One Course with her and she gave me assistance with my foot-work on and off the dance floor. Nicole is much more experienced than me at ballroom dance yet I appreciated the time she took to listen to my comments about certain moves as she graciously showed me how to complete the steps during/after class. If you have the opportunity to dance with her or take lessons by her do so, you will have a great time on the dance floor!
    Nicole also takes the stress out of learning intricate patterns, and puts positive energy into moving with the music to the beat as best as one can on the floor by breaking down complicated amalgamations – she treats dancing as a challenging, yet fun, heart-felt activity. I appreciate her complimentary outlook even though many people dance circles around others as though social dancing were a competition – thankfully she reminds me that dancing can be enjoyable for everyone. She is a great addition to the American Dance Wheels Foundation Family which supports dancing as an art form for everyone. She completely embraces the idea that dance IS for EVERY BODY and that is what dance was intended to be from the advent of creating body movement (dancing) to flow with rhythms of sound. Nicole is an incredibly talented professional ballroom dancer, and she has the ability to help novice social dancers, such as myself, feel as though I can be the most sought after dancer on the floor!!!


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